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Offering you a wide range of food service products.

Looking to prepare and share an ideal meal with your family and friends? Our 5 Stagioni flour guarantees the perfect base for the ultimate traditional Italian pizza. A real taste of Napoli!

Live in the moment with Nescafe instant coffee. If you’re on the go and looking for something to boost your day, Nescafé Alegria has got you covered. And the best part is that the machine and the coffee fillers are one click away.

BUITONI aims to enhance the lives of customers, inspiring them to savour life through food – the Italian way.

With its Brazilian heritage Chanceler has the best quality to price ratio. Every sip is exceptional and will transport you to new horizons.

Get the Italian experience from the comfort of your home with Citterio. The amazing flavors and smells of its charcuterie will transport you all the way to Milano.

By Chefs for Chefs! The brand name says it all. Chef is the easiest and perfect touch to boost the flavors of all your recipes. 

The perfect partner to coffee. A non-dairy creamer that is lactose and cholesterol free will surely make your coffee richer, smoother and creamier. 

The bar that everyone craves! With its premium milk chocolate and crisped rice, it will definitely stir your taste buds. Try the shattering experience now!

Looking for fruits, vegetables and seafood that are out of season? Davigel has got you covered with it's wide range of authentic frozen products with the highest standard of quality.

The best way to start the day is with a healthy breakfast. Fitness offers delicious flakes made out of premium ingredients that provide the necessary vitamins and minerals providing an amazing energy boost.

Friagel offers the best of everyday puff pastry. Generous and gourmet products for the whole family, to find in the frozen section.

Full of spirit, creative, modern, this vodka presents new manners for you to enjoy the life. With its multiple flavors, and 100% distilled cereals, Kadov Vodka will undoubtedly take your clubbing experience to a whole new level of excitement and pleasure.

Handcrafted by US & Fresher than ever! Aquablue is a premium quality brand that offers a variety of seafood products. It has been the go-to product of top chefs and housewives all over the country.

The ultimate Mexican experience you are craving is just a few steps away with the wide range of El Sabor's nachos, wraps, spices and much more.

"Have a break, have a KitKat" you all know this famous strapline. Well you don't need a break anymore you can enjoy this crispy chocolate wafer anywhere and anytime.

Maggi products help bring out the best in every meal. Quick and easy solutions - like bouillons, soups, seasonings and sauces - to aid cooking and add flavour.

Made from premium quality meat, Monells will render your plates and sandwiches juicy and healthy.

Coffee is life! And "It all starts with a Nescafe". Everyone's favorite morning and afternoon drink.

You can't buy happiness, but you can consume it! Nesquik is the perfect hot chocolate to get at any moment of the day. It's delicious and full of nutrients. Your kids will love it, and so will you.

The ideal ingredient to create sweet indulgences that tempt the taste buds. Perfect for baking, drizzling over fruit or ice cream, and sweetening beverages.

A milk powder like no other that offers nutritious solutions for all childhood stages.

Ristoris tells stories of genuineness, research, know-how and taste to be experienced every day in the kitchen.

Become the chef you always dreamt of being with Ardita. It's the best tomato sauce made from the finest tomatoes in Italy for the delight of your palate.

Mid-Tier product ideal for mid-range hotels, restaurants and takeaways.

Works well for pizza, burgers, kebabs or as an ingredient for cooking.

A huge range of tasty products made for the cheese lovers that are trying to cut back on dairy products. Violife is not only made for vegans but for everyone else.

Get ready for an active day! A delicious breakfast cereal made with whole grain with a rich chocolate taste that kids love and it provides your kids the essential nutrients they need for an active day.

It's not easy to make an aperol. However, with Cereser it sure is! All you have to do is pour it and enjoy it with friends and family!

With love in the name and heart in the field, we bring the best to your table!!

A gin that combines juniper, hand picked botanicals and spices that make it a distillate gin with unique notes and flavors not to be missed!

A pure taste of alcohol that can't be matched. OKY is made for the true gin lovers.

A smooth and rich flavor that adds an elegant touch to every evening. Taiga is here to uplift every moment!

It's not your usual whiskey, with it's intense aroma and sophisticated flavors Blend Seven is most definitely the drink you've been looking for!

A smooth aroma that denotes complex flavors. Barquero is the rum that will leave you with a nice and velvety taste.

The best way to make a fresh and delicious cocktail fast and easy. Taimbe offers a variety of flavors to fulfill all your cravings.

Wait no more, get yourself a shot of La Tequilita and dance the night away!

Dreaming of making the perfect cocktail, but want it to be practical and tasty? Well, Easy Drink is there to help! With its multiple flavors you're in for a treat.

Made from fruits of the wild Marula trees, Free Afrika Marula is the most delicious, unique and creamy drink to accompany any moment.

Valverde Cognac is best savoured over ice, as a base in a cocktail or straight for pure enjoyment.

Coming straight from France, Tigre Blanc will make your parties roar. With its unique bottle and outstanding taste, it will ignite your evening.